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GLASS enamelled solar hot water cylinder with 1 fixed spiral coil

  • The hot water cylinders BM1-V series are suitable for installation in civil and industrial plants to produce DHW
  • They allow to get high heat exchange efficiency with large hourly production of DHW
  • Thanks to the large heat exchange surface of the inside coil they are suitable for use with solar panels (primary circuit)
  • Thanks to the inside glass-lining protection it is possible to store water up to a temperature of 95°C
  • The inside spiral coil, sized to satisfy hot water consumption peaks, is designed with the last tubes bent to the bottom to heat the complete quantity of water inside the tank, avoiding legionella bacteria proliferation

Tank operating conditions
Max working temperature: 95°C
Max working pressure: 8 bar
Testing pressure: 12 bar

Characteristics Standard Optional
Capacity 150 ÷ 2000 l
Arrangement Vertical
Material Carbon steel
Inside protection coating Glass-enamel lining (DIN 4753.3)
Outside protection coating Anti-rust paint
Connections Threaded Flanged
Insulation - Hard foam polyurethane injected 55mm thick (150 ÷ 500 l)
- Removable hard foam polyurethane semi-shells 55mm thick (800 ÷ 1000 l)
- Removable soft polyurethane 100mm thick (1500 ÷ 2000 l)
Covering Coloured PVC with zipper closing
Lower Fixed steel coil, spiral type
Thermometer – Magnesium anode with cap – Front inspection hole Immersion electric heaters – Mangnesium anode with tester device – Electronic anode
Rules - European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/CE - Par. 3.3 (pressure vessels)
- D.M. 174/04 or EC 1935/04 Regulation (on materiales intended for food contact)
- D.P.R. 412/93 implementation of Italian Law 10/91

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