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CERAMIX enamelled solar hot water cylinder with electronic control panel with brazed plate heat exchanger

  • The hot water cylinders PRA-C series are suitable for installation in civil and industrial plants to produce DHW
  • They allow to get high heat exchange efficiency with large hourly production of DHW
  • Thanks to the fast heat exchange they are specially recommended for use in hospitals, communities, residence, hotels, campings, sporting centers
  • The gasketed plate heat exchanger BV 26 allows to obtain a high instant production of DHW
  • This model is provided with electronic control panel /span> for pumps ignition, sanitary pump, primary pump and thermostatic mixing valve
  • Thanks to the inside protection coating in CERAMIX it is possible to store water up to a temperature of 95°C

Tank operating conditions
Max working temperature: 95°C
Max working pressure: 6 bar
Testing pressure: 9 bar

Characteristics Standard Optional
Capacity 200 ÷ 1000 l
Arrangement Vertical
Material Carbon steel
Inside protection coating CERAMIX
Outside protection coating Anti-rust paint
Connections Threaded Flanged
Insulation Removable soft polyurethane 50mm thick
Covering Coloured PVC with zipper closing
Type Brazed plate heat exchanger - model BV26 Brazed plate heat exchanger - other models
Magnesium anode with cap – Thermometer – Thermostat – DHW pump – Primary pump - Thermostatic mixing valve - Electric swithcboard - Hydraulic kit connection - Inspection hole (vertical arrangement only) Mangnesium anode with tester device – Electronic anode – Immersion electric heaters – Plate heat exchanger insulation
Rules - European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/CE - Par. 3.3 (pressure vessels)
- D.M. 174/04 or EC 1935/04 Regulation (on materiales intended for food contact)

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