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  Today we are called to adopt even more advanced solutions for the use of energy, to optimize energy sources and save the environment.

Topics such as energy efficiency and use of renewable sources deserve everybody's attention to achieve shared goals such as energy saving for the individual and the community, and a sustainable development.

Solar energy is an unlimited source of energy, distributed more evenly on Earth compared to traditional energy sources and available in quantities that are much greater than the world's energy need.

In solar thermal, the solar energy, captured by the solar collectors, is transformed into heat energy without polluting outputs, unlike of what occurs in conventional systems in which mostly fossil fuels are used.

In a solar thermal system, the heat energy is stored in a tank and used as heat for domestic hot water and premises heating.

The tank, properly insulated, is one of the key elements of a solar thermal system. Its function is to store the heat captured by the solar collector to make it available when it is needed.

In forced circulation systems, the fluid flowing in the collector, heated by solar energy, is conveyed into the heat exchanger inside the tank; through the exchanger, the fluid heat is transferred to the water stored inside the tank, making it available to the use by connected utilities.

Pacetti hot water cylinders are suitable for installation in forced circulation systems in which the fluid is circulated through a pump and the storage tank is placed at a remote location compared to the collectors, usually in an appropriate technical place.

The advantages of the forced circulation technology compared to natural circulation - where the storage tank is installed on the roof above the solar collectors - are many, including:
  • possibility of use all year round and not just during the summer
  • longer life of the tank: being installed inside, it is protected from weather attacks
  • fit for use in plants of all sizes, even medium to large
  • aesthetically less intrusive
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