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  Currently, non-renewable energy sources are most used on the planet. They include fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas.

The availability of these sources is still quite high and therefore their cost is relatively low.

In heating installations and domestic hot water production, the cheaper solution is a system with traditional boilers combined with storage tanks in which hot water is stored in large quantities ready for instant use by the different usages.

This kind of solution is particularly suitable in all cases where high performances are required, in terms of system flow-rate and speed.

It is recommended for use in hospitals, community, residences, campings, hotels, restaurants and sports centers, or in all cases where it is necessary to quickly obtain a large amount of hot water.

Pacetti storage tanks, all provided of properly insulation, store the needed hot water, while ensuring maximum hygiene and energy efficiency.

The main advantages of systems that use traditional energy and combine the boiler with a storage tank, with or without integrated heat exchanger, are:
  • instant hot water availability
  • simulteneous usability
  • continuous production of hot water at constant temperature
  • suitable for both civil and industrial applications
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