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Assembled separator for fireplaces

  • SEP plate heat exchanger unit is an assembled solution for integration of the heating system by means of fireplaces, wood boilers, pellet boilers, etc.
  • Composed of a brazed plate heat exchanger model BV26, pumps, thermometer, valves and check valves, this assembled unit is extremely compact and easy to install.

Operating conditions
Max working temperature: 99°C
Max working pressure: 10 bar

Model Power Hot side Cold side
Temperature Flowrate Head
Temperature Flowrate Head
Inlet Outlet Inlet Outlet
kW °C °C m³/h kPa °C °C m³/h kPa
SEP25 25 75 60 1,5 28 50 65 1,5 28
SEP35 35 75 60 2 25 50 65 2 25
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